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Re: Updated Website - a not-quite-alt response


I saw one Kitty Kam photo of a runnin mouse looking over his shoulder with eyes as big as saucers!  Make a great gum print!

Best Wishes,

Mark Nelson

On Nov 3, 2008, at 4:26:50 PM, "Catherine Rogers" <chrogers@bigpond.com> wrote:
From:"Catherine Rogers" <chrogers@bigpond.com>
Subject:Re: Updated Website - a not-quite-alt response
Date:November 3, 2008 4:26:50 PM CST

In repsonse to your desire to know what dogs think via a little camera 
in the brain, google 'kitty-cam' and check out this site - among 
others: www.mr-lee-cat*cam*.de/

I have seen some wonderful still photos on the net which are the result 
of a 'kitty-cam' attached to the cat's neck. The photos retrieved later 
are really funny - I reckon you know exactly what the cat is thinking. 
Lots of pictures of the undersides of cars for example. On one site, the 
owner has provided a commentary and discovers that his cat visits places 
that he couldn't recognize at all despite being in his neighbourhood. 
Lotsa fun. While I haven't done a search, I am sure that there are some 
'doggy-cam' pics using this really neat invention.


Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Jeremy,
> Wouldn't it be fascinating to actually have a little camera in the 
> brain of a dog to see what they think? Like, wow, that's a great tree 
> to use to mark my territory or whatnot.