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Epson R1800 gone haywire

Title: Epson R1800 gone haywire
Hi folks,

I have been successfully generating digital negatives with my Epson R1800 for some time.  The negatives are generally ‘black and white’ in appearance (I use all 7 inks).

I’ve been doing this for over a year.  I am competent at this task.  I achieve good results.

All has been great - until yesterday.    

Suddenly, yesterday, the negatives are brownish-magenta , and are unusable.  Nothing, NOTHING in my workflow has changed.  No upgrades to anything, no downloads, etc.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling printer drivers, same results.  Brown, unusable negatives.

Have replaced some cartridges recently, but that event doesn’t correspond to the color shift.

Any ideas?  We have a theory that the Epson print driver may not be turning off color management (even though it’s ‘told’ to do so), but what has made this suddenly occur is a mystery...


Tom H.