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Re: Updated Website - a not-quite-alt response


Every now and then a good laugh is a great thing, and that little camera-for-animals invention is really neat and so much fun.

Besides, its the madest day of the year here in Australia. It's the first Tuesday of November, when EVERYTHING, repeat EVERYthing stops just for a horse race - the Melbourne Cup. For myself, of course, I'm much too busy.

Come to think of it Mark, a kitty-kam gummed onto the front (or rear) end of the horses in that race would have been very interesting - it was a photo-finish.

There, lots of photo references (of a slightly wayward nature).

regards to all

Trevor Cunningham wrote:
Honestly, "Kitty-Kam"? Some folks have WAYYY too much time on their hands.
"somewhere between zero and one...everything else is exaggeration" - Anonymous

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I saw one Kitty Kam photo of a runnin mouse looking over his shoulder with eyes as big as saucers! Make a great gum print!

Best Wishes,

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In repsonse to your desire to know what dogs think via a little
camera in the brain, google 'kitty-cam' and check out this site - among others: www.mr-lee-cat*cam*.de/

I have seen some wonderful still photos on the net which are the
result of a 'kitty-cam' attached to the cat's neck. The photos retrieved
later are really funny - I reckon you know exactly what the cat is
thinking. Lots of pictures of the undersides of cars for example. On one
site, the owner has provided a commentary and discovers that his cat visits
places that he couldn't recognize at all despite being in his neighbourhood. Lotsa fun. While I haven't done a search, I am sure that there are
some 'doggy-cam' pics using this really neat invention.


Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Jeremy,
> > Wouldn't it be fascinating to actually have a little camera in the > brain of a dog to see what they think? Like, wow, that's a great
tree > to use to mark my territory or whatnot.