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Re: was Celebrate: corrections now celebrate GUM

" , , , the military policy of not being allowed to indicate who you vote for . . . " So that would be OUR military? And how does that work, exactly? Like an honor system? What happens if you do "indicate who you vote for?" Are you drummed out of the corps-- or thrown in the brig-- or are you suddenly get unpopular? Could you ask her next time you see her? I find that just bizarre and, well, unhealthy. I get it on a discussion list that has nothing to do with politics-- but, well, how could you admire a policy like that-- where you aren't "allowed to indicate who you vote for?"

On Nov 8, 2008, at 12:15 PM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Very eloquent. Politics is a great divisive, because there are always more or less 50% that disagree with you. I like the military policy of not being allowed to indicate who you vote for and whomever comes to power you are behind them, or so a woman in my neighborhood who served in Iraq told me.

I mean, gum disagreements pale in comparison. And if memory serves correctly, there was much platinum disagreement years ago as well.

So I thought I'd share a gross gum story. This election week has been incredibly hectic, and trying to navigate around in a full extension knee brace makes everything that much more difficult (I more week!!). Last night I plopped my lazy a-- in a chair and watched 3 (THREE!) movies in a row (instead of the 24 hr news channels) to finally relax (2 "chick" flicks and 1 "dick" flick. OH NO Gord, is that swearing???) instead of gum printing as I should have been.

I had started a gum print soaking in the water on Monday. It is still sitting in a tray in my living room in the same exact place 5 days later but now there are FLIES dead in the tray, lying on top of the gum print (in MT right before winter hits there tend to be a barrage of flies trying to ignore the fact that winter is imminent and they are toast).

I am so grossed out, almost to the point of throwing the gum print out.

BUT, the 5 day soak has done nothing to hurt the gum print at least!

I promise I won't photograph it and put it on my website.

Nor will I attempt to discover a new colloid out of ground up flies.

So that is my election week political story that I am almost embarassed to confess. But at least a modicum of it is on topic.