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Hello Bob:


            Allow me to share a thought with you.  If you were driving on the highway and someone did something that irritated you, would you stop driving because of what someone did?  I doubt not.


          So why deprive yourself of the kinship of the good folks on largeformt’s website simply because someone made a fool of themselves?  Indeed, why should anyone care what a fool says, for the people we care about know the truth about us and that is all that matters in life.


            I wish you well with whatever you may chose to do in this regard.




Robert J. Triffin

Drexel Hill, PA



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After 20 years association with this list, I find that it has deviated far from its
intended purpose and I am no longer compatable with most of its members.
I realize that political discussion has NO place on this list.


     While political discussion is very important to a democracy perhaps it should be considered in the light of the forum in which it is placed. Politics generates more intense feeling than nearly anything else, that's why its often best to confine it to forums specifically dedicated to it. I say this as a very political person who tends to say what I think and sometimes regrets it.

     I am sorry Bob Schramm has decided he must leave. If he is still getting any of these messages I suggest he stick around and let things blow over a bit. The main purpose of this list is still the discussion of alternative photographic methods: there are many experts in that field here and, in my experience, most of the discussion is on relevant subjects.

     I think we must try to preserve some civility in this list even if it has become rare in general society.


Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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