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Re: ferric oxalate

> Thanks Brian.  So that's it-- nothing else added?  I was heating the  
> water, but maybe it should be hotter.
> I do like the Chubby Checker idea, though--  I'll try that and-- you  
> know-- dance like I did last summer.

So, what Pt/Pd process for contrast will you use?

That affects the solution. Na2 process uses Ferric Oxalate in water
as the sensitizer, Na2 contrast agent (smidgen), and Palladium sol'n
(will *not* work with Platinum!). 

Wow - I was trying to find a simple web page that describes the
Na2 contrast method for Palladium, but haven't found anything 
I can fwd.  The other widely used method is the ratio method,
and there is a pretty good write up here:


This is all well described in Arentz Pt/Pd *Second* Edition...

I'm a little surprised there is not more readily available canned
info on the web that summarizes this... Odd. 

Boy, there are other methods than Na2 and ratio methods out there
(Ware's approach, hydorgen peroxide Rudiak mentions, and use
of dichromate in developer for contrast control - all of these
are also covered in Arentz bible...)