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RE: termites, OT?

Yes Bob, Diana is absolutely right. You have to seal your package in a
waterproof way.
Good Luck,

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Hi Bob,

You'd need to protect the photographs and the albums, of course--  
wrap them up some secure way--  but you could simply put them in the  
freezer for maybe 72 hours.  That should work without any need for  
chemicals.  Again, only if you can sufficiently protect the images,  
but I *believe* that's a successful way to rid yourself of anything  
that might still be alive.

On Nov 14, 2008, at 8:09 AM, BOB KISS wrote:

> 	This may be off topic but this list is an excellent source of info
> and, because my question deals with papers, some others might also  
> like to
> know the answers.
> 	I have just received, in trust, three albums of photos from 1925 to
> 1961.  They have some tell tale termite holes in the pages of the  
> albums.  I
> want to protect the photos and I certainly cannot afford to bring live
> termites into my home. My hope is for y'all to recommend some  
> chemical that
> I can place in a very large zip lock baggie with each album (but  
> not in
> contact with it), seal it for the correct amount of time to allow  
> the chem
> to fumigate the album.
> 	What chemical would kill termites but not harm photos?
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