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Just spoke with one of our entomologists - the best non chemical way of dealing with termites, cockroaches and silver fish is to freeze them at at least -18C for 2 days.

If the album can tolerate freezing the the bug problem should be dealt with.

Bob - Once it reaches minus 18 C here in Saskatoon I would be more than happy to come down to the Barbados and pick up the album and keep it here for a few days, It would be necessary for me to stay in Barbados for at least a week ...

Natural freezing is much better than artificial freezing - its much more archival :)


On Friday 14 November 2008 7:09:21 am BOB KISS wrote:


> This may be off topic but this list is an excellent source of info

> and, because my question deals with papers, some others might also like to

> know the answers.

> I have just received, in trust, three albums of photos from 1925 to

> 1961. They have some tell tale termite holes in the pages of the albums.

> I want to protect the photos and I certainly cannot afford to bring live

> termites into my home. My hope is for y'all to recommend some chemical that

> I can place in a very large zip lock baggie with each album (but not in

> contact with it), seal it for the correct amount of time to allow the chem

> to fumigate the album.

> What chemical would kill termites but not harm photos?




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