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Re: Different photopolymer plates

Hi Brian,

First, congrats on the new press!  Treat it well and it will last you a lifetime.  Also don't be hesitant about getting the blankets dry cleaned when they need it.  Sizing and other junk builds up on them over time and can eventually cause quality problems.

KM83 are slightly thicker polymer (if I'm remembering correctly KM43=43mils, KM73=73mils, KM83=83mils).  KM73 provides slightly less contrast due to the shallower depth you can get - KM83, more contrast.  I love the KM73, but the KM83 provides a stronger presence of ink (and image) when exposed properly.  The rule of thumb for proper exposure for the KM83 is 25% greater than the KM73 - that's 25% greater on both the screen and the image positive.  KM43 was way too shallow for me to want to bother with them after testing.  All three plates are available from Box Car Press.  I usually buy in full case quantities of 20 (30x40 only come in qty of 10) and have the case shipped directly from Box Car's supplier.  Box Car has the best price I've been able to find on them:  http://boxcarpress.com

Best wishes,

Brian Pawlowski wrote:
200811152007.mAFK7fo14851@tooting.eng.netapp.com" type="cite">
For richer blacks I've been having great luck with the slightly thicker 
KM83 polymer plates to get a deeper etch and omitting modifiers to the ink.

Hi Jon.

My Takach press will be on its way on Monday (you had given me some
advice on roller size etc...)

Are you noticing significant differences in exposure or processing
between various KM plates?

I am frankly curious. I inadvertantly ordered KM43 and KM73 plates from
two different sources.  I noticed belatedly.  In the absence of greater
insight I'm going to stick with KM73 plates...



Jon Lybrook
Intaglio Editions