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Re: Basic toning

Have you tried the combination of warmtone paper + so called warmtone

Or maybe to to the following page:
and see the "Cold Brown" versions.

Tea will stain the paper base (= less dynamic range) only, it will not
affect the image color but will give a sense of warmth due to off-white

I'm sure you'll get better / more detailed answers to your question BTW...


17 Kasım 2008, Pazartesi, 4:48 pm tarihinde, SusanV yazmış:
> (Sorry guys... I'm reposting this question with corrected subject heading)
> Hi List,
>> My question today is so basic and simple it hardly qualifies as "alt".
>> I want to tone fiber based photos, but without the strong "sepia" color.
>> What i want is to just add the slightest tone of warmth.
>> Maybe tea?
>> Susan

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