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I do a partial tone, like Joe--a thiocarbamide toner, but bleaching very brief,maybe 30 seconds and immediately rinsed in water because the bleaching will continue slightly in the water, too (so pull it before it looks ready), and then toned in the thio.  It gives warmer highlights and black blacks, because they do not have enough time to bleach out.  Now, if you are using Ilford MGIV which is very unresponsive to bleach, it takes a lot longer to budge.
Bleach is 100g pot ferri 100g pot bromide, in 1 liter.  This diluted 1 + 9 at time of use. 
Christina Z. Anderson
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You might try using a weaker (diluted) bleach for a shorter time.  It seems the intensity and hue of toning can be controlled partially by giving shorter bleaching times than those recommended by Kodak.  I typically bleach only for 30 seconds and still get a strong, though less intense and redder (vs. yellower), color.  I suspect diluting the bleach will allow even more control over the result.


On Nov 17, 2008, at 9:48 AM, SusanV wrote:

(Sorry guys... I'm reposting this question with corrected subject heading)

Hi List,

My question today is so basic and simple it hardly qualifies as "alt".

I want to tone fiber based photos, but without the strong "sepia" color.
What i want is to just add the slightest tone of warmth. 

Maybe tea? 


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