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Re: off topic printiing on panels

Hello Gordon,

There are special printers with UV curing inks that are able to print even
on 2 inches thick 3D media (every kind you might imagine) for outdoor
display. The inks are pretty durable, they won't fade even after several
months... An example of such device is ZUND UVJet 215 C55. I'm sure there
are print shops owning this one or similar in Canada.

Hope this helps,

18 Kasım 2008, Salı, 6:24 pm tarihinde, Gordon J Holtslander yazmış:
> An off topic question
> I have been asked if I can find a service that is able to print color
> images
> on laminated panels.
> We have a museum (of Natural Sciences) in one of our buildings where we
> are
> updating the displays.  We want to produce images that can be permanently
> mounted and won't require framing or any other sort of protection.
> Any suggestions, - a service based in Canada would be ideal.
> ...