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Re: 2 tricolor gums

Hey Keith,

First, thanks for making your files smaller. My vote goes for the one on the left (the one that's less monochromatic yellow-- at least on my screen). I love these, especially that one on the left-- and like both much more than the original shot-- though there's nothing wrong with that one, either-- just a little too clear and too sharp. :)


On Nov 19, 2008, at 12:01 PM, Keith Gerling wrote:

Here are two recent gumphotos on gessoed aluminum using non-oiled
paper negatives.


I made these two pictures at the same time using the same emulsions
and exposure times.  The only difference is that the gesso/pumice mix
for the aluminum substrate was was made at different times.  I guess
this shows that consistency is important.  The layers were applied
yellow, magenta, cyan, using a muted pallete (too muted - I'll make
the second round more colorful).  The gesso for the 2nd print was more
absorbent, causing the development time to triple.  The red layer just
did not seem to want to clear.

This experiment has been very frustrating.  These are actually the 8th
and 9th attempts.  With the first attempts, using curves (two sets:
one was very similar to the straight lines provided early this week by
Chris, the other more curvey that I came up with using PDN) the right
leg of the dancer totally disappeared.  On these attempts, using no
curves, the leg is at least visible)

For the record, here is the original shot.


 I would like for the gum to be identical.  It looks like I have quite
a ways to go!