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Re: some free photo stuff in Portland Oregon

Where can I pick them up? Mark 503 312 3676 thanks
On Nov 19, 2008, at 11:05 AM, Charles Ryberg wrote:

Folks--I'm cleaning out some shelves and offer the following to anyone willing to pick it up at my home in Portland's Pearl District. I don't need you to come today or tomorrow, but please try to set a date not too far in the future. Reply OFFLIST. You may, of course, pick and choose--you don't have to take all of it.

1) two full boxes and one nearly full box (150 sheets each) 10x12 inch lith film.
2) about 125 sheets Sterling contact paper 8x10
3) nearly complete set of Epson R800/1800 ink jet carts--no yellow. These are a couple of years old but I don't see an expiration date on them.
First email gets each.
Thanks Charles Portland Oregon