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Re: paper cutting for pt/pd andother alt processes

Hi Paul,

I do both.  It depends on the paper and the process in a way.  Some paper just doesn't tear easily, so I cut it with a rotary cutter.

I love paper with deckled edges—so if I have to buy a large sheet to get the deckle and want to make smaller prints, I might cut or tear so that I get two deckled edges if possible.  I wish there were more papers with smaller sizes with 4 deckled edges.  I've found some Japanese hand-made papers like this recently from Graphic Chemical & Ink Supply (a great place to visit near Chicago and only about 25 minutes drive from me.)

On Nov 21, 2008, at 12:16:33 PM, "Paul Viapiano" <viapiano@pacbell.net> wrote:
From:"Paul Viapiano" <viapiano@pacbell.net>
Subject:paper cutting for pt/pd andother alt processes
Date:November 21, 2008 12:16:33 PM CST
Hi all...

How do you all cut your paper for pt/pd and the like?

Do you rip to maintain a torn edge on all sides or use a paper 

Mostly interested in your aesthetic decisions and reasons...