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Re: 2 tricolor gums

Great job Keith! You seem to always find a way to to the "undoable" ;)
With so much dedication and hard work I'm sure you'll bring these to your
liking (they're beatiful to my eyes)...

BTW, I see that you started using non-oiled negatives; what about your
exposure times? Are they still unbearably long or did you change


19 Kasım 2008, Çarşamba, 7:01 pm tarihinde, Keith Gerling yazmış:
> Here are two recent gumphotos on gessoed aluminum using non-oiled
> paper negatives.
> http://www.gumphoto.com/gumboth.jpg
> http://www.gumphoto.com/gum1.jpg
> http://www.gumphoto.com/gum2.jpg