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RE: Glass Negative Help Needed - a bit OT

Boxes such as this one are a good way to safely store glass plates. 


Maybe you can find someone able to make modern ones.


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Subject: Glass Negative Help Needed - a bit OT

I'm one of two initial members of the fledgling Fletcher Historical Society
in Vermont. (town pop. c. 1000).

Residents have donated enough money to buy some 350 glass negatives all
taken of our town and its people between 1899 and 1910. This is the impetus
for the society. (They were just found in a barn a few months ago.)

I just came from looking at some of them, and we need to do something fairly
quickly. They are each individually wrapped in paper much like newsprint --
some of it actually is newspaper.

I need help figuring out what to get to store these safely as we organize
them. They are all 4 x 5. At some point I will be scanning or photographing
them all for reference, but townspeople will want prints of some as the
years go by.

We want to archivally preserve each in an individual manner, and then put
them in archivally safe boxes according to 3 or 4 categories that seem to
cover most of the images. (We haven't looked at them all as yet.)

The negative storage should be able to have an index label affixed to each
so that we can key them with the writing that is currently on their wrapper,
and with the index prints that will eventually be produced.

Any and all help will be very much appreciated.

I know of no other group, besides this list, where I can draw upon such a
deep well of experience.

Thanks so much.