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Re: Glass Negative Help Needed - a bit OT

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Varnishing the case or boxes was mentioned... It would be my guess (way beyond my area of expertise, but still....) that varnish would outgas for some time, unless it was known not to. (Another guess -- maybe shellac?)

Paint, varnish, and shellac all produce peroxides as do many woods. None are a good idea for storage of photographic materials.
I thought I replied to the group earlier but evidently replied directly to the poster. Here is my response:

I strongly advise contacting a professional
conservator. A good starting place is the web site of the
American Institute of Conservation at:


There are several large collections of old photographic
material where there may be people who can help. For
example, The Library of Congress, George Eastman House, The
Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Don't do anything until you
find out what should be done from an expert.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA