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Re: Glass Negative Help Needed - a bit OT - solved

Thanks Bob, Greg, Richard, Judy, and Mark --

Bob --
I ended up finding what you describe at archivalsupplies dot com. And I got to them via the Universal Products that you recommended.

I can at least now get a budget together for us to go public with a request for money!

The irony is that these two cardboard boxes of 350 negatives have first spentyears in an unheated, uninsulated Vermont attic, and from there were transferred to a barn. So they've been out in the bitter cold and raging heat for probably about 80 years, wrapped in newspaper and stacked probably 30 high.

Until we have a room for our fledgling historical society, they will remain stored in the vault at the Town Clerk's Office.

Many thanks to all and this topic can now be laid to rest.