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Man, it's early--I just got a collection call from a bank for my husband and it wasn't even HIM so I am NOT a happy camper, those little ba----ds. That's what happens when you have a name like Tom Anderson.
Diana, did you say what hardener you used?  Then I'll formulate an opinion.  I haven't followed this thread closely so forgive me if you've said.

Diana said:
Thanks. I didn't think the gelatine was cooling, but possibly that
was happening. The humidity had definitely dropped-- very dry cold
weather. I usually use a humidifier before coating the gum/pigment/
dichromate mix, and I used the same exposure times as always. So
what's happening-- when I coat the paper (inside), doing everything
I've been doing-- the coating seems to be drying really fast, as I
brush-- even though I'm using a humidifier. I use the same exposure
times that have been successful for me in the past. So when I take
out the paper, after exposure, I can see the faint outline of the
image-- but after soaking it in water, forever, nothing ever
happens. If I brush away the pigment, that helps-- but basically the
image just sits there undeveloped for the most part. So should I be
increasing my exposure time because of the cold, or is my problem in
the sizing? When I was using all this great paper I'd sized over the
summer (when it was hot and humid), I had no problems, so I'm
thinking my problems are at the sizing stage. ?