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RE: Single White Male seeks Used Pantyhose for Alt Photo Purposes Only

You might be able to find a "pouncing" bag.  These are (were) used by draftsmen to blob out some fine powder, kinda like talc (might have been talc) onto a sheet of paper before starting to draw.  The fine powder helped fill the voids in the surface and also made for sort of a bearing surface for the T-square and triangle to slide across instead of smearing the graphite.

Robert Young

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 13:44:25 -0600
From: ender100@aol.com
Subject: Single White Male seeks Used Pantyhose for Alt Photo Purposes Only

Did that get your attention?  hehehehe

Happy New Year Everyone!

Is the list that quiet?  I haven't gotten a post for a number of days.   Is everyone's digits frozen so solid they can't type?

Anyway, back to the pantyhose...

I need a material like pantyhose (just the leg part thank you) or "nylon" (god knows what they are made from these days—probably not silk unless you shop at Needless Markup) stockings to use for making a sieve for dusting on a very fine powder.  I need to do one of the following:

1.  Figure out a polite way to ask women for used pantyhose and not get arrested or slapped.


2.  Find a good substitute—like a swatch of some kind of cloth from the fabric store.


3.  Find someone out there in the world who makes a device just for this purpose, like a salt shaker, for example, but with tinier holes in it and they will charge me $99 for it.


4.  Find someone who has a great idea for fabricating something like this from a plastic bottle and punching holes in it with a needle or something like that and it will cost me 3 cents to make it and 78 hours of my time.

or, picture a pair of inflated panty hose attached to a fire extinguisher that has a bottle of dust attached to it.... and me in my Hazmat Suit!

My kinky purpose has to do with a naughty French technique sometimes referred to as Chin Colle (and no, it has nothing to do with the chin and colon body parts)

I want a very fine dusting that is very even—is this too much to ask?  I didn't even ask Santa for anything for Christmas.

Any ideas out there?  Thank you in advance.  Stay warm if you are far north of the equator.