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RE: Albumen paper

Hi John,


When I did albumen printing long ago I found the thinner papers work better in the floating steps: I used Simili Japon NL  130gr/m2 .

Simili Japon NL  225gr/m2  I use as my standard paper for Pt printing, Cyanotype, Kallitype etc. Nice papers at a decent price, hard to get in the USA it seems, don’t know about the UK though,






From: John Brewer [mailto:john@johnbrewerphotography.com]
Sent: vrijdag 9 januari 2009 1:43
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Subject: Albumen paper


Hi folks


I want to make some albumen paper for printing wetplate negs. What papers are recommended and what weight? The range of paper here in the UK seems to be quite limited in comparison to the US, for example I’ve never seen Cranes here. What qualities does the paper need, buffered, unbuffered etc.


Any info much appreciated.


Regards and happy New Year to all,



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