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Re: Dichromate concentration question

Somewhere in the whole di/bi issue there's a smart alek remark waiting, I'll leave it for another....

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
LOL poor you, Keith--apparently this cold snap missed Montana, but is in MN big time. It is in the 30's and 40's outside so it feels like spring to me here, but my son is experiencing -38.

You're not SERIOUS when you say your studio is only a "tad" warmer than -23, are you????? Is your dichromate solution an ice cube???

As far as pot di, this is, again, a reason I prefer am di because down to 32 degrees am di is still 15% soluble, and that is what I use it at anyway. But if pot di starts at 10% solubility max, I've read it goes down to about 5% at colder temps (not -23 though!!). BUT I have no idea how this correlates to exposure so am not answering your question, only guessing that a stop more exposure might be it.