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Re: More to see in NYC (Hint: Sookang Kim)

Regarding Judy's enthusiastic post . . (& hope mine is a repeat of others) but there's quite a great number of Sukang's work + a number in 3-color on the Gallery 339 of Philadelhia web site:

Very well done work.
Jack F

On Jan 14, 2009, at 8:01 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:

A while back --- who was it??? (someone on the list) marvelled at Sookang Kim's gum prints. She's in a group show at Sepia Gallery that opened last Thursday, so will still be here when you come for f295... And highly recommended.

The theme of the show was something like "Dark and Light," that is, photographers (including "names" like Lois Connor) working either primarily in the dark register, or in the light. I myself (knowing how to make friends and influence people !!!) confess I found that a strained premise for a show, tho some of the work was terrific. Most terrific of all was Sookang, whose (very) large plain and simple gum prints on Rives BFK are exquisite.

Her images (IMO) gained power from being SO plain and simple as to ALMOST pass for mundane (for dummies). That is, plain white chinaware (cups, dishes, platters, etc.) sitting on a white table top. Meanwhile, however, the gradation and contrast are delicate and beautiful enough to become a
kind of drama, almost a shock.

For me, personally, the revelation that these plain and simple one- color, black and white (black pigment only) prints in a deceptively simple range of grays actually required 5 or more coats increased the hit. (There's an old German expression, something about "verstandlich" -- if I remember the word rightly -- meaning that *understanding* inflects response.)

Sookang's handling seems to open an area of gum hardly explored, (while being a tour de force in itself).

Sepia International Inc., 148 West 24th Street (near 6th Ave). NYC 212/645-9444