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Re: More to see in NYC (Hint: Sookang Kim)

Probably it's an imagesetter negative with stochastic screening. Halftone
wouldn't work because of moire. (One has to print emulsion-up using a
diffuse lightsource to avoid moire. But then they would loose sharpness
and probably wouldn't be able to achieve the described pointillistic
effect...) That's assuming all printings are from the same negative of


16 Ocak 2009, Cuma, 4:26 pm tarihinde, ender100 yazmış:
> Judy,
> It is hard to tell what they actually look like without seeing them in
> person�the web images are so small�(they still look great
> From your description, it sounds like a series of printings from something
> like a bitmapped negative or imagesetter negative?  I am assuming this
> from the "dots" you refer to below.