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RE: copper prints

This message was sent replying to the message from Dick Sullivan, but I haven't seen that the "reply to" was setted to his personal mailbox:

Several baths of dilute hydrochloric acid 2%.
Develop in Dektol or HC110 for 3 minutes and wash thoroughly.
The first is a clearing bath for engraving black toner, the second is for my
platinum and palladium print gold toner.
Usually a developer bath is recommended after a copper toning on silver prints to avoid the presence of silver chloride/bromide which may give rise to mirroring especially on the shadows after some time (sometimes after some years...).
As in copper prints there are not silver compounds, I am not sure that a developer bath is an effective cure for stabilizing the print.
Have you any evidence about this? For example, washed in HCl only prints vs. washed and developed prints?