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RE: question about NuArc exposure unit

Oops – I meant to say: How Thick is the vinyl cloth?



Hi Mark –

That sounds great – we have been using matt boards with a piece of masking plastic on top but this sounds like it will create a better vacuum seal.

How this is the "cloth" that you are using?



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On my NUARC, I use a piece of thin vinyl "cloth" I got at the fabric store — the kind used for upholstering.  It has a very fine texture to it that helps let air escape when you draw down the vacuum.  It provides enough buffer so the texture of the vacuum bladder does not print out.



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I'm doing photopolymer process with Toyobo plates and also with ImagOn film. And I'm using a NuArc exposure unit for exposing my plates. The person who set up the unit in our studio but a piece of pressboard on the bed of the unit, so it lays under your plate and film. When I say pressboard, I mean a stiff "paper" (like a thin matboard) that they use in stiff mailing envelops or that you might find when you unwrap a new dress shirt--sort of cardboard without the corrugation. 

I'm wondering if this is the best material to use on the bed of the unit, or would it be better to use something else like maybe sheets of print paper, or maybe nothing at all? 

Thanks, David