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Re: conservation of albumen

Please disregard my previuous message, I was thinking to save a proof instead of sending it.
Hi Loris,
So, there's no other information about denaturation and long term storage
of albumen solution (as I can see/find) in the monograph.
For sure, when albumen paper was made they were whipping eggs all the day, and the process was like an assembly chain. I don't believe their albumen solution would last for more than 1-2 days before being replaced or replenished with a new one.
Why not mixing in batches, just enough to coat the needed amount of
sheets? (Like say... 40 11x16" - quarter size - sheets at a time.)
The week or more needed to break down the proteins and partially denature the albumen is what I would prefer to avoid for sake of practicalness, but I know I can't because fermentation is needed to destroy glucose. This last is the responsible of the long-term yellowing of albumen prints (Maillard reaction).
I would use albumen both for making a double albumen paper and simply try a different sizing, so I would prefer to beat and ferment eggs only once.