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Re: coating large prints

On Jan 20, 2009, at 1:21 PM, Neal Wilson wrote:

I position the print with the long aspect ratio left to right, and aim to pour my solution quickly in a left to right band and quickly brush north to south

So you pour across the top of the paper and then brush from the top to the bottom of the paper?

to spread it quickly. I try not to over think it to much.  If the paper is at the right humidity 

You humidify your paper?  What paper are you using?  My testing has been with these thick papers:  Fabriano Artistico, BFK hvywt., and Twinrocker.  I've tried double coating (expensive) and acidifying (time consuming and judging from Paul's posts has it's problems).  I only soaked my paper (Fab) for one minute and then rinsed with running water for 30 seconds and air dried, didn't notice any problems, but did notice an increase in speed.