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Re: Custom color-separations in Photoshop?


That sounds similar to the different color palettes that Chris Anderson posted on her website.... substituting different reds or even browns for magenta, etc?

On Jan 25, 2009, at 2:39:26 PM, "Alberto Novo" <alt.list@albertonovo.it> wrote:

True. Watching the histogram and then checking the results, merging the 
layers to see if there are zones not covered by the separations. Then 
expanding or shrinking the % of each selection accordingly to the correction 
they need, etc.
But this allows you to make your choice on the main colors of the image, or 
whatever color you want, making a number of selections on your choice.
The fun begins when you print your separations with colors that are 
different from the originals, making credible images not reproducing the