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LOVE the simplicity and color palette of the radishes and pear images. And that dear little gumoil field mouse!
And thanks for the thanks--when one spends time posting for 10 years it is rewarding to find someone who has benefitted from it!
Christina Z. Anderson
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Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 9:18 PM
Subject: Another lurker....

Another lurker coming out of the closet! I have been doing Gum Bichromate for two years and Gumoil for one year this month. I came to the alternative processes from painting...oil and watercolor. Photography was a tool for collecting reference pics for my painting.
I am entirely self taught. I have never taken a workshop or even known somebody working in the alt processes. It is from the people here that I learned how to do what it is that I do....Katharine T, Christina, Sam Wang and Keith G were my earliest online sources for how to begin making gum prints, and they continue to be inspiration and sources for information. Yet I still fail, learn, smile and jump up and down and scratch my head! Thank you for all that you share.

Jim Larimer