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Re: Agfa CopyJet (or Pictorico or something else) in London?

Thanks for the thorough answer Jean, will look for Silverprint and
Permajet. If that's not asking too much; can you try to print a digital
negative on Permajet with your HP9180? I'd be grateful if you can provide
your first hand experience...


4 Şubat 2009, Çarşamba, 2:41 pm tarihinde, Jean Daubas yazmış:
> Hi Loris,
> I'm not in London but in France. tough, i think I may give you some
> answers
> to your questions.
> I'm also a HP B9180 user for my digital negatives and I may tell you that
> Agfa CopyJet which I buy in france is an excellent substrate for digital
> negatives with this printer. Obviously, you have to make the necessary
> caliobrations adapted to this substrate + your process. I do not remember
> which digital negative method you are using (PDN or other) but I'm sure
> you'll get good results with agfa CopyJet !
> Last summer, i was for some time in England and I bought  some transparent
> film from Permajet brand : it belongs to "Perma Jet fine art classic
> inkjet
> Media" line of products and the reference is :
> Transparency OHP Transfer film. i've not yet opened the box but the label
> says :  "perfect for making digital negatives"
> I ordered mine from Silverprint:
> http://www.silverprint.co.uk/ProductByGroup.asp?PrGrp=244
> and Silverprint has a shop in London.
> Silverprint seems to be one of the best shops for traditional photography
> or
> alt processes in England !
> Hope it helps,
> Cheers from France
> Jean
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