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Re: New UV lightbox


I don't know what the "official" light kit is for cyanotypes.
I'm sure I could have built my own holders.
I use a couple of old aquarium hoods.
KISS -- Keep It Simple, Stupid. That's one of the catch phrases drilled
into my head..


Ken Sinclair wrote:
Hi all....

Becoming more than frustrated with s-l-o-w exposures (2 to 3 hours for
in winter sunlight for exposing my alt work, I finally decided to bite
the bullet and
go for physical comfort and consistency (bypassing the trips out to
the sunlit deck
when the temperature is well below freezing) and build myself a UV
light box.

I have now taken possession of my set of new 20” BL tubes and
ballasts. A few years ago,
there was some discussion about “grounding” the ballasts. I am
wondering if something
like a thin aluminum (~ 1/32” thick) ‘sheet’ between the ballasts and
the ¾” plywood sheet
that support the BL tubes’ ‘tombstones’ on the underside. Would there
be any safety ‘benefit’ in
attaching a similar sheet of aluminum between the tubes and the ¾ “


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