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Re: Reticulation & Pt/Pd

I hope you are safe. The fires have certainly made the news here.

What film were you using, Tri-X? That reticulates wonderfully. Funny that you should have it so easily. Most films nowadays have been hardened or something or other so wonderfully that my students cannot get them to reticulate at all, except for Tri-X. I've even had them almost boil and freeze the film. Forget Tmax 100. They burn that. Maybe we should move to Australia.

The reticulation happens wherever gelatin occurs, so globally on the negative. It may be masked by the paper bumps, depending on how fine the pattern is. I've, though, had Tri-X "snot" right off the film base and there would be no disguising that.

Christina Z. Anderson
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Hi all,
Heat waves and death here in Australia. Whist sheltering from the heat over the weekend I decided to catch up on some processing (5x7 in RolloPyro). I took good care to get the temps down and match them only to make a mistake right at the end when i didn't flush some water from the cold tap before it hit the negs. Whatever water that was in the pipes attached to the side of the house, rather than underground, was basically around 30C, and has caused reticulation on all the negatives.

I know that reticulation shows up when negatives are enlarged but wanted to know whether it would if contacted in Pt/Pd, which is what I had intended for the negs? I can't test myself for a few weeks and need to determine an urgency level for any re-shoot i need. It appears to be only/mostly in shadow areas too, would this be correct?