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RE: Carbon Prints and NuArc


Try doubling your exposure time and print the tissue with the 31 step tablet.  I assume it is going to depend on the tissue and what dilution of dichromate you sensitize it with.

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From:"Cathy Cakebread" <cathyc@cathycakebread.com>
Subject:RE: Carbon Prints and NuArc
Date:February 11, 2009 1:07:12 PM CST

Hmmm… no response, how about: has anyone used a NuArc with the pre-made tissues?

Thanks - Cathy


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I plan on making my own tissues and wish to use my NuArc to do the exposures.

Has anyone done this? If yes, what approximate units did you use?

For my platinum/palladium prints using the same negatives (using Pictorico film) and NuArc, I usually use 56 units.

I use either PDN or QTR to create negatives.

Thanks - Cathy