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Re: color printing for dummies

Whoa! I had zero thoughts re being as you say but provided the basic information easily available from this great listserve + who says you're a cheapskate? And, in now way am I putting you in a lower category as you imply. If it offends you accept my apology.

On Feb 12, 2009, at 9:07 AM, phritz phantom wrote:

i really don't like your condescending tone of voice here. you neither know me or how much time and effort i spent. you make it sound like i did a "i'm feeling lucky"-google search and went whining to the list, when i didn't come out lucky.

i was looking for a very basic piece of information which was (in my eyes) strangely omitted in all the tutorials i found (except for sam wang's - but which was ob rgb, not cmyk). i've read the "rgb vs. cmyk" -thread, sam wang's tutorial, katherine's site and a lot more. and i didn't ask for "please, give me lots of free information to perfect my colour printing", i asked a question which seemed to be too basicto be included, that's why i asked about it here and i apologized for my ignorance.
i would have asked it on apug, but i didn't dare it, because it's a half digital and half analog question. and there seems to be no activity on the hybrid photo site.

if you scroll down a little in your mailbox, you'll find my first post on this list, in which i already ordered the PF-issuses. and later on a discussion on how much of a hassle it is to get them to europe. i already went out of my way to order the darkroom book by bruce barnbaum this year (which a friend brought me from the states, because it would be pretty much impossible without his help) and it's not only a matter of being a cheapskate (although we're talking around $150 altogether (postage, customs and bank fees) for a $40 book here), it also takes months to arrive. and no, we don't have libraries with that kind of books here.
so please don't call me lazy or a freeloader, if you have no idea what you are talking about...

jefulton1 schrieb:
On Feb 10, 2009, at 7:51 AM, phritz phantom wrote:

i really need some help here. i searched the internet for hours yesterday, to no avail. could someone recommend me a good tutorial for color printing for alternative processes (esp. gum printing)?
Well, holy smokes, I'd read extensively the past threads of this list, buy Chris Anderson 's 2 present books
and see (is it out yet Chris?) if her book is out on gum printing yet. As well, see if you can garner all of
the superb, informative as well as interesting, publications by Judy Seigel of her Post Factory Photography
compilations. Too Christopher James book . . . . and, gee, stay on this listserve and you'll be set for life other than the constant practice and dedicated interest it requires.
Jack F