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new gums and spots

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  • Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 13:54:05 -0700
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Dear All,
I have not had much time to post lately because I have been busy printing gums for an upcoming show. I have added 10 or 12 of these new gums to my Family of Origin portfolio page here:


What was really hilarious (NOT) was that I have been in such a rush that I coated a bunch of paper and noticed several sheets or more absorbed the coating much more readily. Unfortunately I had chosen paper that I had only shrunk and not sized yet, thinking it was sized. Well, too late, I wasn't going to throw away good paper nor rinse it off, so I continued printing on the unsized stuff. I found that if you want to get a spotty "autochrome-ish" look, this is an excellent way to go! It was perfect for this project because, as you see in the image Love Letter, the mold and dust imbedded in the Kodachromes is bad enough.

Here is the URL for the spots, from the image Lovers Past, a small chunk of the sky:


The images that are "autochromish" are, for instance, Birthday Party and Hot Summer Day. So staining/graininess have infinite possibilities...

Most of these images in the Family of O series are severely brushed to remove colors on particular parts of the images to give a more silkscreen/painterly look, so they have moved away from the photographic. You can see this, for instance, in Alligator Ride where magenta was completely removed from the landscape.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

PS If any of you are in town, the show opening is March 5 6-9 at Zoot and you are invited! I'm having RETRO music and RETRO food (coming up with retro food was a hoot, but I am not doing fondue nor tater tots).

Christina Z. Anderson