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Re: new gums and spots & Happy Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day Good Vibration Type Thingies Back To You!

I'll risk sharing my favorite Valentines Day Poem:

The Holy Longing

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tell a wise person or else keep silent
For the massman will mock it right away.
I praise what is truly alive
And what longs to be burned to death.
In the calm waters of the love nights
Where you were begotten,
Where you have begotten,
A strange feeling comes over you
When you see the silent candle burning.
Now you are no longer caught in this obsession with darkness
And a desire for higher lovemaking sweeps you upward.
Distance does not make you falter.
And now, arriving in magic, flying
and finally, insane for the light
You are the butterfly.
And you are gone.
And so long as you haven?t experienced this,
To die and so to grow,
You are only a troubled guest on a dark earth.

On Feb 14, 2009, at 9:56:08 PM, "Jack Fulton" <jefulton1@comcast.net> wrote:

I'd like to send good vibes during these darkened times and wish all  
you a Happy Valentine's Day even though for many
it is night and for others it doesn't make a difference and even yet  
for some others they don't even know what I'm saying.
Jack F