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Any experience with Pictorico PGFH White Film?

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  • Subject: Any experience with Pictorico PGFH White Film?
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I got some Pictorico PGFH White Film in lower price than Inkpress white film and wonder if it can be used for producing digital negative for silver or certain alternative processes.

As I have been told by Pictorico tech support, the specifications for PGFH are: Thickness 5.2mil (PGHG 6.3mil ), weight is 182 GSM (PGHG 221 gsm). Opacity 97 (PGHG 97, the same). It seems it is a thinner/light weight version of Pictorico white film products.

Anyone has experience on this product? It is hard to find any information on the net and seems this PGFH white film has never been imported into USA before.

Thanks, Philip