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show opening,plexiglas, and Daniel Smith

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  • Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2009 17:02:53 -0700
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Dear All,
The list has been awfully quiet so I thought I'd share a weird week that is alt related at least.

I don't suppose Bozeman makes the national or international news but the morning of my Zoot show opening there was a gas leak downtown Bozeman that blew into smithereens 3 buildings and 5 businesses and shockingly enough only one death at the moment that we know of (sadly it is said it is the wife of a former photo major). One hour later, at 9 AM, it would have been a different story. And all this during a blizzard as well as temps that plummeted to the teens.

Sadly, an entire art gallery blew up with all the expensive artwork and bronzes in it. Gone. As did a fine restaurant, a martini bar, an upscale kid's clothing store, and one more business. I thought about if Zoot had done the same with all my gum prints--56 of them. I think I would want to just die if that had happened with all the time they have taken these last several months. But thankfully my opening was far enough from the downtown area to not be affected.

The show opening went on and was actually really fun, except for one problem with Plexi.

Zoot's (IMHO the nicest gallery I have ever shown in with an ascending glass staircase in the middle of a pentagonal gallery space with Arawak hanging system and 108 feet of wall space) happens to be a company that does all of the credit check stuff for banks and such, a huge company, and this particular place houses top secret mainframe computers or whatever the term is. You can photograph in there but not any of the windows or the doors or security cameras and whatnot that house/protect the computers.

When I got there that evening, the plexiglas on the frames probably due to the atmosphere at Zoot with all that computer/electronic stuff, had swooped up all the dust, dog hair, lint from the air. Especially at the top of this glorious glass staircase, the works were covered (Zoot allows dogs to accompany their owners, a very neat feature there). Luckily one of my students pointed it out and then went around and wiped down the crud so perhaps it was minimized by the time the crowd arrived (she had come early). But it was the oddest thing I have seen at a show opening! So watch those computer electrons...I am going to have to search for an antistatic plexi spray somewhere I guess for the future.

What never ceases to amaze me is how few people understand, even with an explanation, what a gum print is. I even brought brochures explaining the process.

The body of work, Family of Origin was a large part of the show and you can see 30 of them on my website if you want. If you are driving through BZ it will be up until June 26, 9-4. But, it is worth it to go see the gallery even more than my work! If you are wanting a show somewhere, apply there--they have 3 a year that they jury in.

But it doesn't stop there. In a town not far away from Bozeman, ANOTHER downtown area blew up, 5 businesses again, in Whitehall, a day (or was it two) later. This was faulty wiring so it is said in a walk in restaurant fridge. But it is just plain weird.

PS!!! Those of you looking for watercolors, Daniel Smith is running a 20% off sale for this week only, using promotion code RO3BGGIE. I cross checked prices on Winsor Newton, Sennelier, and this makes the paints definitely cheaper and worth stocking up. Platine paper is carried by Smith as well, but it is (gasp) $5.39 with the discount. It is only phone in orders, 800.426.6740, til March 11, off the entire order. Jerry's Artarama is still cheaper for Fabriano Artistico EWHP tho.

Christina Z. Anderson