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Re: mystery paper

On Sun, 8 Mar 2009, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Yup, Jim and Henk solved it--it is Hahnemuehle! Thanks. I will not be using it for gum, then :)
I'm curious Chris, why you say you won't be using Hahnemuhl for gum... I've tried most of the Hahnemuhl papers and found most (or at least many) of them good for gum (tho I haven't bought any lately because somehow I over-diversified & have many others ready & waiting).

My favorite was Merten Spiese, but I think the Copper whatever was good too... I wasn't doing orthodox color sep, but the fake "real" color approach, which shouldn't be that different, assuming you're using the same colors.

I shrink & gelatin size most paper for gum, but doesn't everybody? (In fact I always figured if you shrink and size nicely & harden you can do gum on just about anything, like shirt cardboard or the back of your hand.)

In any event, do please elucidate...

TIA, & cheers,