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Re: Overpriced Underpants

O Yes dooo upgrade especially in the current economic climate, definitely a buyers market for skivvies 'round these parts, and a "here, here" on the whole carolina-underwear-hegemony thing, a cause long time overlooked by the masses of media.... time to order a round of mint juleps or whatever ric's (been) drinking...it's past lunch somewhere in the world....~m

ric kb wrote:
excuse me. i am wondering, if those of you who have upgraded to new underwear, are as appalled as i am about the price. i mean, can you imagine, the gall of those carolina clothieres driving around in their green deres, no doubt slugging back mint tulips (the expensive kind) asking what they ask for what, i ask you, for what? anywho, back to my point. is it worth it if i spend money on new underwear? perhaps there is a free trial wearing of the new underwear, somewhere, so i could see if i could use them. see if the new quick open front is worth it, or should i just stick with the popout bottom i have found useful over the past several winters.
anywhey, here on the goat farm, as we say, before i can trust your answer, please include necessary bank references, with an appropriate(d) artist statement... thank you ever so, unless you don't answer this in the order i asked, in such case, to hell mit du.
ta da and kindest of days.