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Re: Overpriced Underpants


It's been a long, cold Winter, hasn't it? Fear not, Spring is just around the coroner. hehehe

Clarence, they will have to pry my lucky underwear from my cold, dead fingers.....

Then again, I have a friend who wipes his hands and brushes on old long sleeve shirts he wears when painting.... then he got the bright idea to sell the old, paint covered shirts at a local boutique...... and some of them sold.

So maybe gummists could sell their old undershorts especially those doing full color with a nice color palette.
On Mar 11, 2009, at 2:23:04 PM, "Clarence Rhymer" <crhymer@northwestel.net> wrote:

Richard and Michael,

Well, I'm still running CP/M on an 8 inch drive, so none of the new
sububi are compatible. When using this version, SUSU 0.01, I have no
fears of ever being in a traffic accident. There is a program to donate
one's alt-undies to make cotton rag, on which tri-colour gum prints
rather nicely. Perhaps it is time to upgrade.