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Re: Overpriced Underpants


In order of your imperial requests:
My bank statements are even more private than my privates, so Du go to hell selber.
"I see the thing, I feel the thing, I do the thing." (I wipe.)
I'll stay with my Jockey Y-fronts, thank you. Hard-wearing, dependable and all that.
Oh, and hello list! I'm


P.S.: ... from Germany and I do Pt/Pd prints and photo-intalgio. Sorry my introduction turned out so coprological.

I hate to be the one who brings this news to the tribe, but the Internet does one thing. It speeds up the retrieval and dissemination of information, and only that. All the rest is Digibabble.
Tom Wolfe

Am 11.03.2009 um 16:33 schrieb ric kb <ric_kb@yahoo.com>:

excuse me. i am wondering, if those of you who have upgraded to new underwear, are as appalled as i am about the price. i mean, can you imagine, the gall of those carolina clothieres driving around in their green deres, no doubt slugging back mint tulips (the expensive kind) asking what they ask for what, i ask you, for what? anywho, back to my point. is it worth it if i spend money on new underwear? perhaps there is a free trial wearing of the new underwear, somewhere, so i could see if i could use them. see if the new quick open front is worth it, or should i just stick with the popout bottom i have found useful over the past several winters.
anywhey, here on the goat farm, as we say, before i can trust your answer, please include necessary bank references, with an appropriate(d) artist statement... thank you ever so, unless you don't answer this in the order i asked, in such case, to hell mit du.
ta da and kindest of days.