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Re: Daguerreotype equipment for sale.

let me know
On Mar 7, 2009, at 5:21 PM, Robert W. Schramm wrote:

Old age and the pains of arthritis  has forced me to go out of the Daguerreotype
making business. I was great fun but now it is too difficult for me. Thus I have
decided to sell everything. I realized that what I have is a complete, and I mean
really complete, outfit for making dags. Everything one would need except the camera.
Briefly there is equipment: fuming boxes, Hg pot, electronic temp. controller, safe lights, inspection lights, high end polishing wheel, buffs, plate holder, fume hood,
respirators, etc. Also there are lots of supplies, e.g., Iodine, Bromine, Mercury metal,
Calcium Hydroxide, powdered rouge, stick rouge, blank 4x5 silver plates and more.
I am going to put this on eBay and then take an ad in the Daguerrian Society
newsletter, but I thought I would let the folks on this list have first chance at it.
I estimate the value of this equipment and supplies at $3800. I will sell it for the highest
bid received over $1800 before March 30 or to someone at a buy it now price of
$3000 before the bidding reaches that figure, if it ever does. This outfit cannot be
shipped. Buyer must pick it up at my studio in West Liberty, W.Va. (50 miles
south of Pittsburgh, PA) You can see daguerreotypes made with this equipment
at www.schrammstudio.com  You can see photographs of the equipment and a
list at http://tinyurl.com/als2ne You can contact me at Schramm Studio of
Fine Art Photography Box 209 West Liberty, WV 26074  1-304 336 7893 and,
of course schrammrus@hotmail.com I will give a 2 hour lesson complete with
helpful hints and a glass of wine to whoever buys the outfit when they pick it up. 
It took me the better part of 6 months to assemble this outfit. You can buy dag
equipment but the price has gone up a lot since I bought this stuff. 

Bob Schramm

Check out my web page at: http://www.SchrammStudio.com