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Re: Samples of Pd with Na2


That color shift is expected. I would also attribute the smoother tonality
to the potassium oxalate developer.

What paper are you using and what are you coating with? With a paper like
Platine or COT320 and a Richeson brush, that's more sensitizer than you
should need. You should be able to coat a 9x14 area with about 1.5 ml each
of Pd and FeOx.


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From: Paul Viapiano viapiano@pacbell.net
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 09:08:50 -0700
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Subject: Re: Samples of Pd with Na2

Yeah, Neal...nice!

Kerik, I ran a few test strips yesterday before doing the 11x15 (9x13.5 
image) and the pure Pd w/o NA2 was slightly warmer than the one with it.

Also, I could've run the print w/o NA2, but the one with it gave it just 
that slight bit of punchiness it needed, seeing that the image goes from 
dark areas of foreground to a hazy aerial perspective in the mountain. The 
PO (or maybe it was the NA2) gave me a smoother print than I had been able 
to make with pure Pd and amm citrate developer.

The biggest worry I had was coating a larger-than-my-usual print. I used 4 
ml of solution plus 2 drops 10% and 1 drop 2.5% NA2. I extrapolated this 
from my test strip which used .5ml of solution and 1 drop 2.5% NA2.

Scan to come...


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Neal these are looking good. The colors seem to be all over the board,
though. I presume this is the result of scanning and adjustments rather
than the actual color varitions in the prints. I'm surprised you're seeing
a change in exposure time and smoothness with a relatively small amount of
Na2. That has not been my experience. A slight shift from warm is expected.


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From: Neal Wilson wilsonneal@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 10:03:07 -0400
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Subject: Samples of Pd with Na2

I haven't posted samples of my work previously, but thought, given the
recent talk of Na2 with Palladium, developed in PO,  I'd post a few links,
as this is my process.  I used to work with the Weston, but now use Arches
Platine.  Some of these were also printed on COT 320. I struggled for a
long time with DR, and only recently feel I've gotten a good effective
speed for my film (now FP4 after a year with HP5 and two years with TriX),
and my developer (HC110, Jobo tank, Beseler motor base), and I can run with
a very, very minimal application of Na2.  Na2 is great, but with much more
than a drop of 10% in a mix of 16 drops each of Pd and FO (for an 8x10), it
shifts the color, it makes for less smoothness, and it impacts exposure
time. I feel like zero Na2 is also not a good formula for me. Seems like
the coating is more even, color is better.

So, these are some examples of 8x10 portraits.  I also shoot still life and
hope to scan and post some of these soon.









Thanks for any feedback.


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