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  • Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 00:56:53 +0100
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the discussion about the processes of steichen made me mighty curious about combinations including a cyanotypie. the first possibility would of course be to use it as a cyano-layer in tri-color gum. using the cyanotype as the bottom layer - i don't think big problems would arise.
but...i think i remember from the steichen discussion (sorry, can't remember who said it) that steichen used to print the platinum layer first and the cyano on top of it. this sounds strange in my ears. i can understand printing the blue layer first and then the black layer on top of the blue, because the thicker, darker layer would cover any blue hue/ stain.
so, wouldn't printing the blue layer on top of the black leave a blue cast allover the black areas? or did he brush on the cyano-emulsion selectively in the areas he wanted blue? or can the cyano-emulsion be removed after exposure (brushed off like gum?)? or did he use a kind of split-tone printing using a positive image instead of a negative (i think katharine suggested he used a positive)?
sorry, if my questions are uninformed, but i've never done a cyanotype. up until nowi never thought about doing it, because i don't care for the blue pics. but the idea of combining cyano with other processes sounds very interesting to me and i will definitely try that after my next chemistry oder.
maybe carbon over cyano? btw. has anyone ever done gum over/under carbon?