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chromoskedasic again

Dear All,
Wow, go out of town for a week and the list is HUGELY active--very cool.  Steichen has never been so active before.  I, for one, got Cigar Boy in the mail in my Vanity Fair subscription at least heheheheh.
Found out last night that Freestyle has finally gotten their chromoskedasic chemistry in stock, for those of you in the States.  If you are interested, it is this as it is not quite on the website yet:
10945  - Arista Premium B&W Chromo Activator 32 OZ.  = $9.99 (Can only ship via ground)
10947  - Arista Premium B&W Chromo Stabilizer 32 OZ. = $13.99

This is no small feat.  To carry it, because of the way the chemistry is made up with some very small amounts, the company makes 400 gallons at a time.  As you can imagine, Kodak no longer makes it, Portertown no longer makes it, etc. etc. so I could not get the chemistry and teach it this year as I had hoped in my fall Experimental Photography class.  Thus the fact that Freestyle has committed to carry the product is so exciting for me.
By no means am I an expert in this process. I would defer to Alan Bean of Massachusetts as being as chromo-specific as I am gum-specific.  He and I have both written articles on how-to that will also be accessible through Freestyle shortly if they aren't already. My method of practice is loose and "student friendly".  I don't know Alan's method exactly as it has changed, as you can imagine, with the changing papers.  Both of us find Ilford Warmtone to be the bestest for this process.
I think there will be either these info sheet/articles with the chemistry or else the info sheets downloadable from the website, don't know yet.
You can also see some chromo examples here on my website if you do not know what it is, but unfortunately the greenish color you see on the web pix is actually plated out silver, and it does not photograph as silver:
There are about 8 chromos on that page.
Disclaimer:  though I am on the education board for Freestyle I make no money from them.  My benefit is that as long as they carry all this stuff and are committed to analog, I can continue to teach my Experimental Photography class!  Sometimes I feel the proverbial writing is on the wall, yet this week I also got a message from photo@mahn.net that Rollei/Agfa have teamed up with some film offerings!! So it was a good week for us luddites.