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Re: Beer coating

did you let it dry long enough? until the silicate got rock hard?
i once put a dash of waterglass on a sheet of glass, out of curiosity. it took some time (can't remember exactly i think it was overnight, so at least a few hours) to dry, but afterwards it was hard as glass and stayed put.
it got very brittle over time (a few days) and then came off again.


Loris Medici schrieb:
Dear Henk,

I tried beer coating tonight on a thoroughly cleaned and dried plain
aluminum sheet. Unfortunately the coating washed away in the cold water
bath. What could I have done wrong?

1. I opened a can of Pilsener and let it sit in the fridge for 24h
2. I took 100ml of the can and waited to normalize to room temperature (21C)
3. I mixed 1g of caustic soda (NaOH) into the beer
4. I mixed 10ml of sodium silicate into the beer
5. I stirred thoroughly
6. I immediately brushed the mixture onto a clean sheet of aluminum using a
foam brush
7. I dried using a hair dryer in the middle setting
8. For the sake of getting an even primer coating, I coated the sheet once
more with the primer
9. Same as 7
10. I washed the sheet gently rocking a tray

The coating dissolved and left the sheet during step 10. BTW, FWIW, when
you put the sheet into water you can hear a fizzing sound (but can't see
any bubbles)...


Thanks in advance,

P.S. I couldn't manage to coat the Forex sheet with beer + silicate.

P.S.2. If I can't make it work, will try to put plain acrylic gesso (which
doesn't hold gum by itself) on the sheet, sand and then coat it with beer
+ silicate

P.S.3. I prefer to be able to coat the sheet w/o any acrylic gesso since I
plan to buy white painted (enameled?) aluminum sheets later -> I just want
to skip the whitening step for relatively conventional photographic

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