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pyro and alternative processes

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  • From: "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 07:05:07 -0600
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Dear List,
Like, I am SOOOO busted, on list and off.

Ken Sinclair, COMPLETELY remove from your brain that pyro is not good for alt if you haven't already because:

1. If I had thought about it longer, I would realize that a bunch of die-hard pt/pd printers such as Kerik use pyro negs for that process, AND Keith Schreiber used to make pyro "lookalikes" digitally.

2. If I had thought even further than that, I would realize that many of my digital negs for alt range in the emerald range for density (except cyano--it is usually too dense for cyano).

3. And furthermore due to a goodly tongue lashing offlist, I am home from Dallas, just checked all my notes on pyro, and cannot find anything saying close to what I remembered, so chalk it up to a mind fart.

The only POSSIBLE correct thing that might have led to that mind fart is that pyro negs look thin when they actually possess a lot of density. If they look dense, therefore, they are REALLY dense.

I am talking about Hutchings pyro which is the only pyro I have experience with, and my BW developer of choice.

Ken, I will hold out on one thing, though--pyro and cyano is still guilty until proven innocent for lengthy exposure. I will print a pyro neg in cyanotype along side a step wedge (and it still would be helpful for you to mail me one of your pyro negs) and see if, in fact, it creates really slow exposures with cyanotype, which is still an hypothesis of mine. At least I can give you a ballpark time compared to what time I usually use. But maybe I'll eat big fat juicy crow on that as well.

Mea Culpa, mea culpa list!!!


Christina Z. Anderson